About me

14051803_10154454426412486_2843057054800843056_nI was born to a Chief (from Mocambique) and a Jesus- Hippie adventurer from Bella Germania in the no longer existing DDR but the very much existing and still  beautiful city of Leipzig.
Having my mum take me to the peaceful Monday demonstrations as a baby, must have made quite an impact, as the wall came down just a few months later.

From then on, I was raised in humble but fabulous surroundings where my 3 siblings and I always turned our everyday life into a fairy tale adventure.
Dressing up as the little mermaid ( we had a red skirt which worked perfectly as a wig), burning evil princes in the oven -the inspiration came from the Brothers Grimm of course- and listening to records of Gerhard Schoene while pulling out our first teeth- we had some fun, I tell ya.

I decided to move to the Kingdom at the age of 19 and traded good ol’ German bread for stretchy leggings in which I was tumbling through contemporary dance routines and peculiar Scenes for hours on end. Playing a 50 year old Irish man, with a limp and (apparently) a German/ South African occasional French accent became one of the highlights of my drama and dance study, not to mention my gorgeous husband who fell for my Lord of the Rings enthusiasm and my German humour ( don’t even think about it!)

As you might have guessed- I am not a glamorous movie star with a respectful yearly income, instead I am the lady who knits, embroiders, kisses her handwritten letters, enjoys reading old postcards at antique markets whilst having a glass of red and loves listening to tales from many many years ago with a pinch of Bach, Vivaldi and Chopin ole.
I am currently doing life with some incredible earthlings whom I truly love and who continue to help me  release my inner wood-fairy and for that I am forever grateful.

All my Love and Sunshine to you all, Sarella x