I was born to a Chief (Tribe YAO! from Mocambique) and a Jesus- Hippie adventurer from Bella Germania in the no longer existing DDR. Having my mum take me to the peaceful Monday demonstrations as a baby, must have made quite an impact, as the wall came down just a few months later.
A badass and super creative childhood later, I decided to move to the Kingdom at the age of 19 and traded good ol’ German bread for stretchy leggings in which I was tumbling through contemporary dance routines and peculiar Scenes. Meeting my gorgeous man-friend was definitely the highlight of my Performing arts study (he fell for my Lord of the Rings enthusiasm).

*I am forever knitting*
*I kiss my handwritten letters*
*I never trust an umbrella in public*
*I love reading old postcards at antique markets*
*If I could marry a bottle of Chardonnay I would*
*I adore Bach and Vivaldi*
*I dislike wet feet (like a LOT)*
*I know how to mime Papagenas part of the Pagageno Aria*

I am currently doing life with some incredible earthlings who help me release my inner wood-fairy.

Forever grateful.
All my Love and Sunshine to you all,
Sarella x