It is definitely a boy! (2min read)

You know how they say that as a woman you can totally sense if you are pregnant or if you are having a boy or a girl? If you read my ” how i found out I was pregnant” story then you will know that this was 100% me.

Now if I told you that I knew I was  going to have a boy, from the moment I found out I was pregnant would you believe me? Would it convince you even more if I shared all the dreams me and my friends had about my little curly haired son, prancing around in the rivers of Chesham and dancing in the rains of Castermere ( who the hell dreams shit like that? come on now!)?The fact that I hadn’t experienced ANY morning sickness, didn’t have ANY food aversions and was developing a belly shaped more like a cone than a football was proof to many that I was growing Chris’ male heir.

My boobs had been on fire and my bladder out of control but still we were almost 100% sure that I was carrying a wee boy! It was time for our 20 weeks scan and Fiona asked if we wanted to know whether we were having a human or a human we said ” yes please” and off she went. Apart from the fact that the child was dancing around like someone had showered it in confetti, we not only found out that it was in fact a human child but that we had also been deceived. We realised that the 2394.32 hours of finding a suitable boys name were all for naught when Fiona suddenly said

” Oh it looks like you’re going to have a little girl”,


Well you better believe it sunshine. Rains of Castermere be gone, you grow girl!

3 thoughts on “It is definitely a boy! (2min read)

  1. Emylou Voigt says:

    Meine kleine Schwester hat während meiner Schwangerschaft ganz treffend gesagt “es wird entweder ein Junge oder ein Mädchen” 😀 Ich hatte eher das Gefühl, wir würden ein Mädchen bekommen, bis meine Gynäkologin beim dritten Ultraschall den 3(oder 4?)D-Modus angemacht hat, um uns das Gesicht zu zeigen… Für mich war klar: Das ist das Gesicht eines kleinen Jungen.


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