23. December

What is your most precious Christmas memory?

Was it a scent?
A melody?
A conversation that made you cry?
Perhaps it was that Christmas dinner you thoroughly messed up so it made you laugh out loud?
Whatever it was- I just really hope the thought of it filled your heart with warmth, even if it was just for a short moment. Truly.


If you allow me to share one of my precious moments….here it is:

It was Christmas eve and I had prepared 3 bags which were filled to the brim with Christmas presents.
I was on my way to the train station, on route to be with Chris and his family, when I spontaneously decided to knock on Halinkas door, who lived in the same village at the time.
As soon as she saw me, she hugged me with so much love and begged me to sit on her little bench in her kitchen.
She asked if she could cook for me and if I would be happy to stay just for a little while as nobody in the house wanted to celebrate Christmas with her.
How could I ever say no to her delicious polish delicacy’s?- “of course, I will”.
As soon as I took my first bite of her amazing dumplings I felt at home and the room filled with so much joy. The others, who hadn’t felt like Christmas all evening, started to join our chat and laughter in the kitchen. The colourful kitchen walls soon became too small for the little crowd of 6; that’s when Halinka asked “should we go upstairs into the attic and celebrate Christmas together?”

Everybody was now excited and agreed.

Halinka had even put up a little tree, which was now sparkling underneath her cosy roof. The fireplace spread a warm light and turned this moment into a silent night.
There we were, exchanging presents, crying over a simple declaration of love, embracing each other with a heartfelt smile and warm words. That night we not only admired the “Rose of Jericho”, watched Rattatouile and enjoyed the most delicious food but created one of my most precious Christmas memories.
Right before I left, Halinka said to me: ” Thank you so much for being here. Without you this Christmas wouldn’t have happened.”


Thank you Halinka, you are one of the most beautiful humans I know. Thank you for this utterly wonderful, accidental Christmas moment- it would never have happened without your beautiful soul.

I love you.

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