22. December

Home made play dough ornaments

I am going back to my childhood with these and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
They are precious, sustainable and give you the opportunity to let your inner creative unicorn run berserk so here we go.

What you will need for the dough:
1 1/2 cups of white flour
1 cup of water
1 cup of Salt 1/2 cups starch Natural dyes (optional)

What you will need for decoration These are all optional
Paint (water or acrylic) Glaze (I used Sculpey)
Biscuit cutters
Wooden cocktail stick

How to make the dough
Mix the flour and salt in a bowl
Add the water and start kneading the dough until smooth ( It should not stick to your fingers, if it does, add some more flour!)

Time to throw in some shapes
Roll out the dough evenly! You can place two pens of the same size on each side of the dough, this ensures that the dough will have the same thickness all the way through.

Use your Christmas biscuit cutters, press in some branches/ leafs or whatever it is you fancy.
If you are making a hanger, get your wooden cocktail stick and press in a hole, so you can hang it up later.

Natural Dying
If you do NOT want to paint and glaze your ornaments after the drying/baking process you still have the option to add a splash of colour to your dough beforehand.
Here are some natural dye suggestions ( please bear in mind that the colours will fade when you dry/bake them so will not be as vibrant- however these will have a more natural and Rustic/Earthy look- don’t we just love that?)

Dark brown- coffee/ Cacao powder
Tumeric- yellow
Beetroot Powder- Pink-Red
Paprika- Orange-red
Matcha powder/spirulina- Green

How to dry the dough
To save energy and let nature take its course, you can let the dough dry naturally over a few days. I suggest leaving it close to the heater or anywhere, where there is warmth. (maybe not inside your onesie though!)

How to bake the dough
If you are in a hurry you may also bake your ornaments in the oven.
Opinions vary but this is the method I used and it did work for me – please bear in mind that these instructions are for hangers that are about 0.5cm thick.The dough needs to be baked in stages as it doesn’t like the heat and can split easily.

STEP 1. Place the dough inside your preheated oven on a baking tray oven (50C) for about 60 minutes. Leave the oven door open for a few cm whilst baking so the moisture can get out easily. Alternatively open the oven a few times throughout the baking process.

STEP 2. Raise the temperature to 120C and bake for another hour, if your ornament is thicker than 0.5cm it will take some extra time

STEP 3. Take out to cool- ensure they are completely cold before decorating

TIP: If the middle of the dough is hard on the backside, it is ready

Time to decorate these bad boys
If you want to paint them I would suggest Acrylic paint as they will cover the dough properly. You can, however, also use watercolours (make sure to use as a little water as possible as otherwise you will not be able to see the colour as well on the dough)

To seal the colours use a glaze. Some use hairspray I used “ Sculpey Glaze Gloss” let it dry et voila, you have made some very fine, one of a kind ornaments for years to come.

They also make a lovely, affordable and very personal Christmas present.


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