21. December


“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields,

that it kisses them so gently?

And then it covers them up snug,

you know, with a white quilt;

and perhaps it says,

“Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”

-Lewis Carroll-


Just the other day, I asked my dad: ” Do you remember when you saw snow for the very first time in your life?

He replied: “When I came over from Mocambique in 1984 and got off the plane in East Germany it was freezing cold and all I wore was thin summer clothes.”

My dad arrived as a guest worker in the GDR where him and his friends discovered many new things, such as:
1.It is not advisable to cook chicken in washing up liquid
2.It also isn’t a good idea to put nappy Rash cream on your face, especially when you have a darker complexion!

One of the first wonders they discovered, however, was snow.
They were greeted with big blankets and were given winter coats shortly after.
One of his friends got so excited that he jumped right into the snow, played with it and threw it in the air. He was mesmerised. Shortly after he got his first proper East German wind cold.


It is Winter earthlings.

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