20. December


Kiss anyone?
I must admit, I never had the pleasure of kissing anyone underneath a Mistletoe.
Maybe because its not really a thing back home in Bella Germania or because nobody wanted to ever cross my path when I stood underneath one.

Not sure if I should be offended or just sad right now.

My sister actually mentioned the tradition of the Mistletoe the other day and it got me thinking:

Why in the world would you hang up a plant in your home and kiss someone right underneath it anyway and why does it have to be a Mistletoe?

As with a lot of things, it is pretty hard to say for definite. All we know is that it is a tradition that has its roots in many different pots which reach from Norse mythology to druidism and also get the good ol’ Greeks and Romans involved.

The story about Balder however was the one that caught me
Firstly: Because I believe that there is a little bit of Viking in me, and
Secondly: Because Norse Mythology is pretty darn cool!


Balder was the son of the god Odin and Frigg and was believed to be particularly beautiful and just. He was soon considered the favourite but nightmares of his own death plagued him constantly. To comfort and protect him Frigg, his mother, made everything ( from animals to rocks) swear to never harm him, which made him invincible. The other gods abused his good nature and played tricks on him, making him a prime target, knowing that nothing could ever harm him anyway.
The God of mischief Loki, however, noticed that the Mistletoe had been left out when the oath was taken and created a weapon from this particular plant.
He then persuaded Balders blind brother Hod to strike, which killed Balder immediately.
All the gods mourned him greatly, especially his mother Frigg whose tears turned into the pearly berries that you will find on a Mistletoe today. Instead of seeking revenge, however, she ordered that the plant, which had caused her sons death, should become an everlasting symbol of peace and love.
(Other tales even suggest that her deep love brought her son back to life.)

Either way the Mistletoe carries a pretty powerful message, whether it is everlasting life, forgiveness, making peace instead of war or love.
So Why not seal that deal with a kiss ay?-What a peace offering.

Also, kissing underneath the Mistletoe, is believed to be an ancient fertility tradition, which was reinvented in the 18th/19th century.
And on that note:

Someone get me a bunch of that stuff!! I will be kissing the heck out of my husband this Christmas.

Who is with me? (maybe not my husband though)

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