18. December

A Christmas Present to remember

When I was a young girl, I used to spent my afternoons in the Fair trade shop which was located right next to our home. There was always a big table in the middle of the shop which invited people to sit down, have a slice of cake, a cup of coffee and a chat. Opposite the big grand piano, on which Herr Mueller would sometimes play Beethoven and other magnificent pieces, there was the jewellery section, which used to fascinate me so much. Even though I could barely reach the shelf with my nose tip, I would spent hours admiring all the handmade necklaces, earrings and one particular bracelet. It was an oval green limestone that had been polished and was fitted with thin leather straps. I remember that it had a little crack, right in the centre of the stone, but that didn’t matter. To me it was the most beautiful bracelet I had ever seen. Every day I would go to the shop and stand in front of it, just so I could admire it over and over again.
One day I went to the shop and it was gone- I was so sad and told my mum, that the bracelet had been sold to someone. She replied “Don’t be sad, I will get you another one”.
I knew she meant well but my little heart was a little bit broken still.
Christmas eve came. We all sat under the Christmas tree and watched each other open our presents, as we do every year. When it was my turn my heart pounded and suddenly filled with incredible joy.
My mum smiled at me just before I could even jump over to hug her.
In that little box was a green limestone bracelet with a little crack in the middle. It was the one I had admired for all those weeks.
It is presents like these: meaningful and heartfelt that might just stay with you and your loved ones forever.


To me that meaningful present was that particular bracelet but lets just remind ourselves that although Christmas appears to  be big, loud, for sale on offer or just a mouse click away (according to the many adverts you are bombarded with on a daily basis) presents don’t always need to be wrapped.
If you should ever feel stressed and worried over what presents to get who and how…shake it off!
Giving has so many different facets and  could be anything from a cute little box of homemade cookies, to a lovingly hand written letter or a handmade star.

I am convinced, that the best present you could give to someone, might just be YOUR PRESENCE! Remember that and put a ribbon on it, wild child!

Lots of love to you all! ❤

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