DIY: Chocolate Apples sprinkled with Kasha

Chocolate Apples sprinkled with Kasha

Did somebody say Chocolate?
As a kid these used to always be our little Christmas market treat. However, once my mum figured that we could totally make these ourselves for much less money , she totally went for it. ( No kidding, one year we stood in the middle of the Christmas market with homemade caramelized nuts and our own mulled wine in flasks- home made all day long, especially when you have 4 kids!)

Super easy and super tasty!

What you will need
Chocolate ( I chose 70% Cocoa chocolate nom)
wooden skewers ( 1 per apple)
Sprinkles- totally optional( I used Kasha> say what? oh yess baby delicious and very nutty)

How to do it

STEP1 Wash your apples, remove the stem and stick the skewers into the bottom of the apple

STEP2 start boiling some hot water in a saucepan and put a heat save dish into the hot water. Turn down the heat a little. Once your water bath is all set add the chocolate and stir it every now and then

STEP3 Once the Chocolate is melted its time to dip in the apples ( now you see why the skewers come in handy). Remove the dish with the melted chocolate from the heat and cover the apples with Chocolate.Make sure they are covered all around, we dont want to waste chocolate now do we?

TIP I melted my chocolate in a deep glass jug, that way i could just dip the apples right into it!

STEP4 Spread out the apples on a tray covered in baking paper. Skewers should face upwards. Add some sprinkles and let it set!



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