13. December

“Star of wonder, Star of Night- Guide us to thy perfect light.”

Grab a few biscuits, turn on some nice tunes and get folding.
Maybe invite a friend around too- double the fun!

These are my absolute favourites and I have them on my window all year round that’s how much I love them!

What you will need
Transparent paper

How to do it

STEP1 Cut out 16 5x9cm size rectangles ( get that ruler and pencil going!)

STEP2 Put the 1st rectangle in front of you with the longer ends being on top/bottom
Fold it like this:

You should now see a line running through the middle

STEP3 turn your rectangle so that the shorter sides are now facing the top /bottom.Fold each corners up to the middle line

STEP4 Repeat

Your rectangles should now look like this:

Follow Steps 1-4 for the rest of the rectangles

Start gluing the pieces together and use the straight line in the middle as a guide line.

You will see your star appear slowly- how gorgeous is that?

Show me your creation! woop woop let’s spread the light


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