9. December

Star coins
a fairy tale (collected) by the Grimm Brothers

There was once a little girl, whose mother and father had died.
She was so poor that she didn’t have a room or a bed to sleep in, all she had was the clothes she wore and a loaf of bread, which a compassionate heart had given her.
The girl was very pious and because the world had forsaken her she put all her trust in god wherever she went.
One day an old man said to her “ Please give me something to eat, I am so hungry”.
The girl gave him the whole loaf, said “bless you” and went.
Another child came and said to her “ My head is so cold, can you give me something so I can cover it?”
The girl took off her hat and gave it to the child.
After some time she noticed another child, who was freezing as it didn’t wear a bodice so the girl gave him hers.
When the girl came to the forest, she came across another child who asked her for a shirt to wear.
The girl thought to herself “it is dark, so nobody will see me anyway” and gave the child her shirt.


As she stood there with nothing to wear stars suddenly started falling from the sky and turned themselves into many coins.
Even though she had given away all her clothes, she was suddenly wearing a shirt made from the finest linen, which she used to collect all the coins that were falling from the sky.

From that moment onward, she was rich until the end of her days.

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