8. December

Wellmade. Handmade.Fairtrade

Let’s support small businesses this Christmas

One of my biggest dreams is to contribute my lovingly made things to the world.
There are companies, that are already doing just that. They are all so amazing that I need to mention them to you.
Some of them I have met or know personally, others I have just fallen in love with via the magic of the internet (Love comes in many shapes and forms guys!)
I think it is about time that we say goodbye to ‘quantity over quality’ consumerism and instead appreciate the well made, handmade and fair trade. There are some incredible small business out there, who care for the world and let you be part of that.


Here we go:

Santa Rita Bijoux
Absolutely stunning creations. Their jewelry is 100% handmade and created with local materials and gemstones from all over the world, it cannot get any more authentic than that.
Get your hands on some of their beauties. Unique. Super professional and very personal.
They made my wedding earrings too-hello gorgeous!! ❤


Where do I start? From their first welcome email to the last pair of dungarees I bought..these guys have become the 2nd love of my life ( I guess my husband HAS to come first).
Their transparency and ethics are just wonderful and if I could marry them I would.
The world needs more fairtrade/organic dungarees and colourful crazy pants!
They make gorgeous fleeces out of recycled plastic bottles too…come on now!WOW!
If you want to be wild and good to the world, Lucy and Yak are the place to go!

Tribe Yarns
I first came across them at Yarnporium in London and oh my god, as soon as I saw them, I wanted to be that tribal Woman they printed on their gorgeous shoulder bag.If you have any yarn lovers in your life (ME?haha kidding, or am I?) , i guarantee you: This is where they would love to explore!
Not to mention their warmth and passion for what they do. They are quite a new company but have already found a very special place in my knitted Sarella heart.
“Create- connect-captivate” any day with these guys.

Essential Spirit
It was a rainy afternoon when I popped into this little shop somewhere in the Lake district.
I picked up a chunky soap bar, smelled it and suddenly I was transported back to my childhood. Patchouli Galore. How was this possible? Well these guys made it possible.
The most stunning scents I have come across in a long time. All handmade, palm free, cruelty free, synthetic free, ethical and made in a traditional way. I don’t know about you guys, but I am stocking up.

She definitely used to be the happiest goose when we shared the same office floor at work. Ania always spread warmth and seemed super excited about everything and now I am super excited to mention her beautiful work. She became a MAMA and is now creating the cutest Accessories which you have to check out. From Drawstring bags, to pouches to Baby Bibs…, all made with love, care and beautiful fabric ( some of which she designs herself woop woop). If you have any special ideas or would like an extra pocket on that bag, you got it- Bespoke all the way. Her creations would definitely make a very special pressie.


If you think that there is an independent company the rest of the world is ought to know about, please don’t shy away-Enlighten us!

I am sure we would all love to hear about it all, honestly.

Let’s spread the goodness and support each other in the pursuit of adding more colour to this world.


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