7. December

Bratapfel- Baked apple


A guilty pleasure I enjoy every Christmas Season. Here is how we do it
(and by “we” I mean me, myself and I #GollumSyndrome)

What you will need:
1 Apple
A handful of nuts/ raisins
Vanilla Extract
Brandy Cream (optional)

STEP 1. Hollow out the apple – making sure not to cut in a way that it leaves a hole at the bottom

STEP2. Mix your nuts, raisins, Honey, vanilla extract and cinnamon  in a small bowl

STEP3. Fill your apple with the mixture

STEP4. Place the filled apple on a baking tray and put in preheated oven at 200C ( 175C FAN) for about  20-25min.

STEP5. Take out of the oven and add a splash (or a mountain!!) of Brandy Cream on top (optional)

STEP6. Tackle that thang!



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