6. December

A tale about a poor widower and his three daughters

(There are many variations of this particular story but here is how remember it from my Childhood)

There was once a poor widower who had three daughters, whom he loved dearly.
Over time he built up a lot of debts and was unable to pay the money back.
He realised that the only option would be to sell his daughters, as he was unable to support his family any longer. In the evening the father and his three daughters cried and cried over their misfortune and separation which was soon to come.
Whilst embracing each other for the last time that night a stranger passed by the house and heard their desperate cries.

Then something extraordinary happened.

The same stranger came to the house that night and threw a small bag through the window.
When the girls woke up from the noise they discovered many gold coins inside the leather bag and were overcome with joy as they were now able to repay some of their debts and didn’t have to be sold. The next night they found another bag filled with coins and were able to repay the rest of their debts.


Thankful for the gifts  and hoping that the kind stranger would return, the father tried to stay awake the following night,  just so he could thank their benefactor.
Minutes turned into hours and soon the father had fallen asleep.
The stranger however, did come again but this time he threw the coins through the chimney into the girls socks, which they had hung up by the chimney to dry.
Luckily A few coins fell on the floor which woke up the man.

He quickly ran out of the house and shouted with tears in his eyes:
“ Thank you Thank you kind stranger, You have saved me and my family”

A friendly voice replied “ You do not need to thank me”.

It was then that the poor widower recognised the voice, it was Bishop Nikolaus.

Did you have anything in your Boots this morning? or experienced kindness from someone?
Please share it with us!


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