3. December


Let’s spread some Christmas sparkle shall we?
People who know me a little would have noticed that I love me some Pom Poms. They are playful, charming and always add a splash of happiness wherever I go.
I think that Joy is even better when you share it, so I thought I’d Pom Pom you up!

Here is what I will happily give away:

3x Sarella handknitted multi coloured Pom Pom Beanies
made from 70%Wool and 30% Alpaca yarn


3x Sets of Sarella handmade Pom Pom earrings
made from 70%wool and 30% Alpaca yarn

there will be a number of colours to choose from, so if you are the winner I will give you a few choices ( for the Pom Pom earrings only) 🙂


How to enter
1. Post a crazy Christmas Picture on IG. It can be anything from dancing around your tree with a coconut on your head or a good ol’ nostalgic ‘back in the days’ picture that truly shows off your Christmas joy!the crazier the better!!

2. For the occasion, I have created the very special hashtag #JOYTOTHEEARTHLINGSPOMPOM Pop that hashtag under your picture- so I know you would like to be added to the pond of crazy amazing earthlings!

3. On the morning of the 24/12/2018 I will pull out the names and announce the Pom Pom Queens and Kings
The goodies will then be shipped to you after Christmas- but don’t you worry they will still look gorgeous on you then. Just remember: It is never too late for Pom Poms!

If I haven’t pulled your name out of the pond, don’t worry …in the end it is all about community and coming together, so let’s smash the Pom Pom out of that Hashtag!

Entry closes on Friday the 21.12.2018


Let’s do this Guys! ❤

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