Advent Calendar 2018

Christmas Season is upon us, time to spice it up.
If you haven’t got an advent calendar this year- do not fret my friends because:
I bring you The ultimate Sarella- advent Calendar WOOP WOOP

It is a tradition (as is the picture-sorry) that was born in 2008,when I first moved to the Kingdom and kept me close to 2 of my dear friends, back home in Germany.
We sent impressions and little notes to one another leading up to Christmas, which really gave me a lot of comfort at a time when I didn’t have any friends and felt quite alone in my new home.
Apart from adding some warmth to the season, it also helped me notice the little special things in between all the craziness around Christmas.

As it is my 10 year anniversary I wanted to make it super special and thought why not turn it into an interactive extravaganza? Join the convo, share your craziness and enjoy the community!
Who is with me? YAAAY

What to expect?

A daily dose of all things around Christmas, from the 1.December up until the 24.December. So make sure you pop by every day, to open your next magical cyber-door.

What will you find behind the doors? 

Sweet anecdotes
How to tutorials
Handmade Give Aways (without the follow me! condition)
My personal sparkle

Sounds good?

I appreciate that some of you might not be the biggest Christmas fans, or do I even dare say: HATE IT! We all have our personal experiences with that specific time of year which means more to some and less to others. My aim is not to transform any of you into sparkly Christmas Elf’s (Bibedi bobedi boo?) but to bring some light, warmth and heartfelt love to you- because to me this is what Christmas (and life) really is all about.

So if you allow me to attempt, bringing a little bit of my personal joy into your world it might end with that lovely smile of yours, a “pee your pants” hilarious moment or a nostalgic tear.

 Let the Christmas shenanigans begin.

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