My wedding dress- diy baby

Engaged or what? So it begins..

Congratulations! You have now entered the mighty realm of wedding shenanigans where family politics rule the day and long forgotten traditions threaten to damage your sanity, UNLESS you say “Sod that” and decide to turn your years, months, days (Wow no risk no fun ay?) of planning into a playground where creativity and originality has no boundaries.


It genuinely does not matter how big or small or whatever budget you are playing with- as long as you stay true to who you are as a couple and don’t put yourself under too much pressure by trying to please everyone else, you’ll have a great time.
So here is to all you beautiful Women/Men out there who said “ Oh yes baby” to that one human that fills your heart with warmth and joy! How very exciting!
There are so many different aspects that make a wedding day super fun and one of them, is -of course- the dress, so how do you decide which one is for you?

What kinda bride are you?

Now there’s a question. Where do you even start? Grecian, Princess, Bohemian, classic?
I had never stepped into a bridal shop in my life and decided that instead of spending a small fortune, I would venture into the world of online wedding dress-shopping, where possibilities seemed endless and the prices were too good to be true.

Definitely a content aka “this will do” bride!

After I realised that I will be eating and drinking most part of the day I decided that the princess cut
(Aka Poofy Cinderella) would probably be best.

Ok, maybe “dreamy meets practical” bride?

My original plan was to sew my very own dress but after a few youtube videos, I realised that adjusting a ready-made dress was perhaps a less stressful option.

“Risky but not too risky” bride!- Oh shut up Sarella.

My bridal moment on Level 12

On a busy afternoon at work, between a “do you deliver your goods via donkey”-phone call and my bowl of Cereals, I found it: My dream dress for a gob-smacking price of £64.99-including delivery.
My outrageous colleague Silvia announced that I had gone absolutely mad, until, 2 days later: the parcel arrived.
Silvia who had just proclaimed my insanity, was now the one dragging me into the ladies, to try that blimming thing on.
I stepped out of my cubicle as light hit the sparkles and we both knew: This was the dress.

Now, who can say that they had their magical bridal- dress moment in the toilets on Level 12?

The inspiration

The dress was beautiful the way it was, but I needed some additional magic.

When Jasmina, a wonderful human who offered to help me with the “flowering up”, sent me a picture of a dress she had spotted somewhere in Soho, we had our inspiration!
What we needed now was FABRICS, FLOWERS and MORE FLOWERS!

The inspiration

Now, I don’t need to tell you that fabrics can be as expensive as half a trip around the Bahamas and back, unless, of course you discover the markets of EAST LONDON, where the original cool kids reside.
When Jasmina proudly presented a bag filled with surprises which added something like £20 pounds to the value of the dress, I was astounded- I really have some good friends!

One size fits all? I don’t think so!

The first step was to adjust the dress so that it wouldn’t slip off my bosom as soon as I started swing dancing on tables. Jasmina, who used to work in a bridal shop, took my measurements and turned my sewing machine into fire. Watching her slide the fabric passed the needle whilst sunlight hit her messy Victorian styled hair bun looked like something out of an old period drama, without the actual drama and a more updated sewing device


Adjusting the dress and making it fit comfortably is crucial!! Having to pull, tuck, twist or lift a garment all day can be quite a nuisance, so I strongly suggest, to either find someone who knows how to tuck you in properly, invest in some badass sewing classes or really get down with them incredible youtube tutorial folk.

Now the magic

After we had cut out the desired lace ornaments and flowers, we started pinning them onto the dress whilst I was in it. Once we found the right balance, we slowly pulled the layers of tulle over my head and began with the hand sewing. Surrounded by pearls, beads and lace our silver needles went up and down for hours on end. It would be a lie to say that this task was not time consuming- it most certainly was.

Whenever Chris (my now husband) was out of the house, I sat on my bed, sewing whilst watching dark documentaries about my beloved Victorians.
(The knowledge I have gained over these 3-4 extra sessions…)

and the result (?)

I was gobsmacked- shaken and stirred. Beautiful!

So let’s recap what was needed to make my wood- fairy princess dream come true?

  1. Faith in the online realm of uncertainty , £64, 1 click
  2. A couple of trips to east London and £20.00
  3. 4 bottles of wine, 2 months, patience and plenty of documentaries

Easy enough?

Let me say this:
For someone who never dreamt about “THAT” dress- I had found “THE” dress by just allowing myself and Jasmina to feel free and creative.
Be open minded, allow yourself time and grow with it, you might be surprised what your “crazy” idea can turn into. (Imagine how I felt when Jasmina excitedly showed me her black, green and orange fabric to go with the dress? BONKERS!)

Breathing your soul into a piece of garment, gives it life and makes it so much more meaningful as you are part of the birthing process.
It doesn’t matter if you spend £1300 or €35.98, uniqueness is priceless and in the end I was the only kinda bride I was meant to be and that was : ME!

wedding dress

Jasmina you are the seasoning to my potatoe soup and I will cherish all our dialogues, laughter, tears, and lost needles, until I dance on rainbows in Neverland- probably in my wood-fairy wedding dress. You are magnificent and the most colourful human I have the pleasure of having in my life!


All my love and colourful balloons to you!

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