Autumn- Soul


If someone would have asked me 5 years ago “What’s your favourite season” I would have answered SPRING without hesitation! I have always loved the feeling of new beginnings, the first warm sun breeze after a wet and grey season, little blossoms finding their way through the tired grounds and sparrows serenading in the early morning hours (much to my husband’s dismay, who occasionally tries to reason with them- without any success).
Spring slowly turns into summer and suddenly plunges into an indescribable silence.

It is almost as if a soft Sepia veil, silently, wraps itself around anything willing to accept that it is time.

I was sitting in my friend’s cosy living room, drinking tea and spinning yarn for the very first time, when I realised how magnificent autumn was.
It was then, when I started to wonder why I had never even noticed the magic of this season before.
My mum has always been an autumn gal and still holds the tradition of turning our home into a colourful nest of happiness. Pumpkins, leafs, new curtains, mobiles and everything in between- as long as the colours range from deep brown to a mustard yellow.

Even though I always enjoyed my mums excitement, I never knew how beautiful it was to actually embrace all the scents, enjoy the colourful leaf dance, mystical nights and to sing with the owls. (Not really, but could you imagine?).
It has now transformed into a time of reflection for me- never intentional but always from deep within. Sometimes it makes me melancholic, sometimes I want to turn into a turban wearing enchantress, other times I feel nostalgic and dance to Chopin’s beautiful creations.
It is a quiet and very personal renewal, which might be undetectable to the outside world, but is oh so very present and filled with wonders. Autumn encourages me, to not only get in touch with my soul but also with loved ones around me.

I want to create a woolly nest and fill it with cinnamon scented marvels, dust it with pumpkin seeds, warm hugs and a melancholy melody, carrying everyone into the miracles of the night.


As Nietzsche once said: “I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature”
and I think, that he speaks the truth.


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