Our wedding

The day I became a pirate princess

0689-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -6768-PRINT

It has been said that every girl dreams of her big day on which she can finally be a princess and marry her one true love and live happily ever after.
I can honestly say that this was definitely not me. The only thing I always dreamt about was flowy hair, to find the people who stole my converse and how my life would have turned out, if I had been born in the middle ages. After Chris had proposed to me with an amazing “Pirates of the Carribean Flashmob” dressed up as Jack Sparrow and accompanied by 60 odd pirates (-We studied Drama together, so of course he had to go a little overboard-) I started thinking about how I would actually like our wedding to be? Cirque du Soleil meets Victorian Circus ( without any animal cruelty of course), Marie Antoinette or perhaps Middle Earth style? ( no kiddn’ one of my friends asked me if we are going for “ The little house on the prairie” Theme…say no more!)

As I never had the “Bride-gene”, as they call it, I didn’t really have an image of “the perfect wedding day” and I am convinced that because I didn’t really have any expectations  everything just kind of happened.
Before we had even set a date, I found a dress online which I bought between answering calls at work and finishing my bowl of cereal. When it arrived, everyone in the office was wow-ed away by the sparkle and the fact that I had only spend £64.99- BARGAIN.

Now as fate would have it, a year earlier the craziest and most creative human I know sat on the interview couch and stunned me with her humble “-South American- meets surfer and did you really work at New York fashion week?”-Charme. She became a very dear friend of mine whom I can share my philosophical- none so philosophical, revolutionary, nostalgic and caravans in a field of lavender dreams with:JASMINA.
The one thing I knew was that I have always been a flower girl so definitely wanted them in cooperated in the dress. Jasmina of course had to take it to the next level and after hours upon hours, lots of bottles of red wine, occasional Mozart- Happy Birthday impressions and heartwarming greetings from East Germany, there I was. A wood fairy princess.

All other preparations went smoothly enough with a few escapades and some rather time consuming tasks like our 4 hour marathon of writing out 82 table cards (which apart from the  names included the origin/meaning of the name and a fun fact- who the heck did come up with that Idea?) and wrapping old books in beautiful vintage paper.FUN!

0041-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -4782-PRINT
Because we just went for what we actually wanted and instead of what we were “ supposed to do” we never actually had a “make it or break it” situation or tried to kill each other over “What flavour the icing on the cake should be”. Shortly after my dried flower boquet had arrived ( that way you can keep it forever) and 2 days before the  Wedding day, the countdown was on. Dressed in my yellow coat and pink pom pom earrings I was ready for my Hippies from Germany at Heathrow Terminal 5, and there they were, in all their glory.Onwards.All in la Londre and ready for action.

On the morning of the wedding, we arrived at the beautiful South farm at, something past 11 and  were incredibly calm for what was to commence in a few hours’ time. Is this normal? I didn’t even have a plan for my hair for crying out loud but half an hour later I had Jasmina and my dear childhood friend from Germany Claudia(who, in between, had never really used a curl iron in her life before) do my hair. Et voila!

0057-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -4830-PRINT

On came the dress and my Cinderella Dream shoes and there I stood, ready for my dad to deliver his goods as he said jokingly whilst making me laugh over some old Disney quotes, which evidently made everyone inside the hall laugh.The door opened and I stepped into the room accompanied by the song “Concerning Hobbits”.  It was me writing the Elvish alphabet into my diary, which had caught Chris’ attention originally I have you know- Cuties (Fantasy Geeks) or what? He cried ( if he hadn’t I would have walked out and walked in again, just to give him another chance) and looked so very handsome in his blue suit. After a quirky little Ceremony, we were guided into a separate room by ze Germans who had prepared a private blessing for us, which to me was really the big deal #Praisebe.
There were tears, There was laughter, there were beautiful songs and the book of love. Perfection.

0256-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -5499-PRINT0268-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -5540-PRINT0287-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -5600-PRINT
Caroline, or as I call her secretly “ the dream catcher” tested our stamina to the extreme.
It was the most beautiful autumn day you could have imagined- the leafs were dancing in the breeze, the sun was smiling through the branches and the crisp air gave us a complimentary face lift. Boy was it cold.
After we had almost frozen solid it was time for the reception and of course the food – the Excitement was real.
I was in heaven and reached the next level when I finally took a bite of my longed for poached pear, which I had been dreaming about since the tasting earlier that year.
It was time for the speeches – yes I had prepared one too, as I had a lot of people to thank for where I was right that minute, in my blue bloomers filled with so much joy, Love and apparently a flood of tears.

0862-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -2886-PRINT
After Steve’s ( Chris Dads) thoughtful and Darrens brilliant Best man speech came my sisters speech.
You have to understand that Bele and I have a very special, loving- can’t live without each other bond and even though we live apart we are inseparable- we once woke up in the middle of the night at the same time with a cramp in our calves…if that’s not love I don’t know what is. There lies so much beauty, kindness and warmth in her soul, which turned that moment into my personal highlight of the evening which she had underlined with a video about my (young- come on now.) life.

1000-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -7920-PRINT

1023-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -8018-PRINT

To round up the evening and stop the flood of tears, we decided to go ahead with a German wedding tradition: cutting the log!
I am not sure where that Log came from exactly but one mustn’t ask questions sometimes so there we were sawing away.
My dad, a Disney loving Chief from Mocambique, was actually the only one who knew the reason behind this Sawing extravaganza (you would think that the bride and groom would research that before the wedding- HA!) The reason behind it apparently is to get over the first obstacle in your  marriage together and setting the first log/stone for your future as husband and wife.
Whilst we were stuffing our faces with some biscuits, tea and coffe the venue was prepared for our night shenanigans which started with our first dance- To Ella Fitzgerald and Neil Armstrongs “Dream a little dream”, the stabbing of the cake whilst screaming as loud as you can ( he did the cutting I did the screaming- another crazy tradition I came by from living in a Brazilian household) and another craziness from Germany  the “Laurenzia” dance.

1117-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -8528-PRINT

All German kids ( well my generation anyway) know this and tend to dig it out at Birthday, First day of school and in our case  wedding parties. It is a simple song in which you express your longing for dear Laurenzia and wonder when you might see each other again whilst going through all the weekdays. Everytime you mention Laurenzia or a weekday  you have to squad and with 7 days a week that would make 63 squads per person. Not the greatest of ideas when you plan to do a city  London tour the next day…pain! At least we were all warmed up for the next long hours of dancing and a bit of photo booth fun. A lot of things happened in there that shall never see the light of day.

In the end we were all dancing the conga to Whams Last Christmas, Slammed our fists on the tables whilst singing an old Sailors song and one of the lads thought it was a good idea to try on someone’s high heels.
It is fair to say that this day, with all its craziness and perhaps unforeseen weirdness was truthfully the best day of my life. Not only because I married a man who belly dances when baking cookies but also because all the people we hold dear were able to sit under one big Elizabethen Barn roof with us.

0771-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -6968-PRINT
Your loved ones, will always bring you the biggest joy, no matter how deep you sink into the mudd with your “Perfect wedding shoes” or how far behind you are in your wedding schedule.
Bringing your personality and warmth into a celebration like this will automatically have the power to turn it into an unforgettable adventure. This of course goes along with having people help you along the way who understand you and take away any possible stress.

Choosing South Farm as the wedding venue was not only a coincidence but also the perfect choice. The team was always warm, very accommodating, incredibly helpful and unbelievably personal. An amazing venue like that coupled with the people you love, your personal touches to make everyone smile and a photographer like Caroline who is more interested in the moments in between than posing for hours on end is really all you need.

0543-South-Farm-Sarella-and-Chris -2735-PRINT

Looking at it from where I am sitting now made me realise that having no expectations of the perfect wedding day, did actually make it the perfect wedding day plus one.



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